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Interior Residential Painting Service

If you are looking for an interior painter, look no further! Joe Caslin and his professional crew of painters will treat your house as if it were their own!

Service with Courtesy & Care

As workers in your home, we understand that we are in your personal space. We act as a guest in your home should to make the time together the most comfortable we can.

Less Downtime with a Pro

There is no bigger burden than moving furniture and appliances to get behind them and paint. With a team of professionals most rooms are done within hours not days.

It is hard to match the feeling when you first see your house freshly painted on the inside after many years of wear and tear. Your home is supposed to be your relaxed, safe, enjoyable environment and sometimes, a simple color change or even wall color rejuvenation can completely change a room! If you are digging through sleeves and sleeves of house paints and colors and brands and types of paint, stop trying to do it alone!


Hiring a professional painter is more affordable than you think and our team gives you a customized quote for your home only. We understand the different types of paint, we have seen what paints look great, what is popular, what is durable and know what is washable paint too!


Different paint is needed for different rooms. Bathrooms get quite steamy and you do not want bubbles in your fresh paint. There are many types of primers and even paints with primers included. Don’t forget about the prep! It is important to get the proper tape and covering so that your floors, trim and ceiling do not get painted and to also ensure not to pull the paint off when you are finished.


That is just a few reasons why it is just easier to call Joe Caslin and his crew of professional painters. The amount of time and money that you will save in materials and preparation alone makes it worth hiring a professional painter.

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It's much easier to knock out painting when there is no furniture in the way. If you have a move in date and are hoping to get in as fast as possible; you may want to consider a professional with the equipment to get it done in a day!